Mechanical Engineering projects company (MEPCO) established in Kuwait in 2007 and now it is earning an indisputable reputation as an plumbing,fire fighting and fire alaram contractor, supplier, installer & Maintenance service provider in the field of building services.

MEPCO had employed an experienced high qualified engineers who are approved by the local authorities and have a long years of experience in the field, these engineers had executed many major mega projects in the region and became a landmark in the construction industry.

mepco - CopyMEPCO engineers are up to date by the latest electromechanical systems technology of the buildings services, these systems are briefed in the fields of Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, Smoke Systems and other electromechanical works.

MEPCO had and effective contribution of the development plans in the state of Kuwait in both private and governmental projects by executing, supplying, installing and maintaining many prestige's construction projects in the state of Kuwait.

MEPCO pricing policy is to provide an economical competitive price to the customers without effecting on the quality of the projects specified materials and workmanship.With this policy, MEPCO had gained the trust of their clients, accordingly additional contracts.

MEPCO is now certified and approved in both governmental and private sector such as Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (grade1), Kuwait University, Equate petrochemical company, Ministry of Public work, Ministry of education, Ministry of telecommunication, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Electricity & Water, Ministry of Justice  and many other consultants in the private sector.

MEPCO had local and international expansion plans, and now MEPCO owned the highest share of one of the main water equipment Supplier company in the state of Kuwait called AL Madadd, and had expanded to the state of Qatar by establishing and have a good share in a company called Al Madadd Gulf that is now one of one of the main water equipment Supplier company in the state of Qatar , lately Mepco established a new company in Belgium called Mepco Europe to supply water equipment from Europe to the GCC, these expansion plans will be always implemented whenever the company is strong financially and a promising markets is found and exists .

MEPCO scope of Work is supplying, Installing & maintaining all type of electromechanical systems & works in building services fields such as:
water supply systems, sewage/rain water systems, sewage pumping stations, water equipment systems, sanitary fixtures, sanitary mixtures, sprinklers systems, hose reels systems, landing valves systems, deluge systems, foam systems, FM 200 systems, Hydrant systems, fire pumps / controls , Automatic / Manual fire Alarm systems, voice evacuation systems, , Analogue fire Alarm, Addressable Fire Alarm, fire alarm door Monitors system, Exit sign works, Emergency light works, swimming pools/fountains/saunas systems, swimming pools light fittings & controls , irrigation systems, Ventilation/pressurized air fan Works, intercom systems, TV systems, security systems & diesel generators works.


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